Nugget Night update

Despite my intent to be more blogulicious, it has been a while since the last update. Fear not, friends, because more posts are forthcoming. In the meantime, please enjoy viewing the latest updates to the Nugget Night page. Those of you concerned for my well-being will be pleased to know that my annual wellness screening will be in a mere 10 days or so. I’ll report on the change in my cholesterol, and if I pass out or not. Oh shoot, I’d better go eat my oatmeal…

Nugget Night update

Well, we’ve reached #37 in a row (*snicker*). My friend Kevin was on hand, and felt the need to one-up my personal record by eating 72 nuggets (so I guess he two-upped me). More disconcerting is the fact that one employee, who weighs the same as I do, has eaten 110 nuggets in a sitting. The store record is apparently 120. So now I have a goal to work towards, and I’ve got a plan to get there. In the meantime, the CFA page has been updated.

Nugget Night update — 1 kilonugget!

Well friends, 22 night of effort have paid off.  On Saturday, I officially crossed the one kilonugget mark for 2008.  That is a lot of dead chicken.  Dead, battered, juicy chicken dunked in sauce.  Yum.  I’m also a mere eight months away from 50 straight Nugget Nights.  I’ve already decided that if my schedule permits me to reach that mark, I may very well skip a night.  I need to give Chick-Fil-A a chance to restock…

Nugget Night

Better late than never, they say.  The Nugget Night page has finally been updated.  On a related note, it is one of the most-viewed pages on all of Funnel Fiasco.

So I have to opine on some changes that the hometown CFA has made.  Starting this month, they are running their Nugget Night promotion on every Saturday, not just the first and third Saturdays.  This makes the streak nigh un-maintainable.  After discussion with my fellow nuggeters and some of the CFA staff, we have determined that for purposes of statistics, only the first and third Saturday events count.  The other events are not sanctioned by the Lafayette Nugget Eaters Association.

Nugget Night update

Well, in my bleary state of half-awakenness, I’ve upged the Nugget Night website (  This was a fun one.  We got to meet a new employee and scare her away, and I got to meet challenges set before my.  One friend challenged me to eat a nugget for every point Purdue scored at the game.  Another challenged me to eat a nugget for every yard that Curtis Painter threw for.  The totals were 42 and 57.2, respectively.  When I hit 42, I just felt like going on, so I stopped at 58.  I think the gallon of Powerade (that may be hyperbole, but I was oh so very thirstsy) I had limited my ability to eat nuggets.

The next one will be 30 in a row.  That pretty much makes me the most awesome person ever.

Nugget Night update, and why my website is weaksauce

Yesterday’s nuggets have been added to the site.  Before you berate me for my lack of eating prowess, please consider the fact that I had already eaten a party shortly before, and I had another party to attend afterward.  The streak remains intact, though, and that’s the important thing.  I also heard an amusing story from the fine manager Ryan.   Earlier that night, an elderly woman had come in and ordered 8 nuggets.  Except she pronounced it “noog-its”, much like the creamy inside of a 3 Musketeers bar.  I LOLed.

You may have noticed that the blog and the Nugget Night page are the only things getting updated lately.  There’s a reason for this:  I really don’t have much else in the way of content to add.  I haven’t been chasing in over two years (which kills me), and I’m too lazy to add other stuff.  I promise more will come in the future.  Heck, football season is only a few weeks away, and then you’ll get weekly updates of Beonard’s Losers.  So hang in there a little bit longer.  If I can get the site to a point where I feel comfortable with visitors actually coming, I’ll start trying to attract visitors, and then maybe it’ll just be a giant cycle of awesome.  Or not.