Nugget Night update

It seems like it’s been forever since the last time I was at Nugget Night (my current streak is now 1), but after a day of watching football, there was nothing else that would satisfy.  The Nugget Night page has been updated, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that 44 is about my limit these days.  I probably could have gone for one more box, but I instead preferred to get a peach milkshake. Mmmmm.

Nugget Night and other updates

After what seemed like forever, I made a triumphant return to Nugget Night.  The nugget page has been updated to reflect the most recent numbers.  I’ve also made a few minor factual updates to a few other pages.  I’d like to start adding some more content to the site soon, so I’m going to start work on collecting that.  Since I don’t actually do much chasing anymore, I think the site is going to get away from it’s roots a bit, but it’s my website and I can do what I want. 🙂  So we’ll see what comes of it, if you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments or send a note to

Nugget Night update and links fixed

A week late, the Nugget Night page has been updated.  These days it seems harder and harder to get to a massive quantity.  I spend the other 13 days trying to eat less, so pigging out doesn’t always mean what it used to.

Also, the links to the large version of the images on the 10 November 2002 chase page have been fixed.  You can now click on the images to the get “full sized” version.

Nugget Night update

Whoa!  I still have a blog?  I have been less forthcoming with the updates than I’ve intended to be.  I’ll start off with a Nugget Night update.  My 40th consecutive NN is now in the books.  Check out the updated stats on the Nugget Night page.

For those concerned about my health, you’ll be glad to know that I had my annual wellness screening today.  My total cholesterol is down to 152 — a drop of about 70 points since last year, and well inside the healthy range.  Apparently, eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning is as effective as the commercials say.  So hooray for that.