Upgrading to Fedora 12 via yum

Since Fedora 12 was released yesterday, I decided I should go ahead an upgrade my Linux box at home from Fedora 11 to Fedora 12.  As I’ve done in the past, I used the Fedora Project wiki as reference to upgrade via yum.  Although it is not officially supported, it generally results in a shorter downtime than a standard re-install, and it allows me to do it remotely.

As in the past, I had to remove a few packages to make the dependencies work out.  This time around it was: krbafs-devel tigervnc-server krbafs gnome-bluetooth{,-libs} pulseaudio-module-bluetooth bluez

Then I ran into a different problem.  My /var partition ran out of space for the 1.4 GB that needed to be downloaded.  So I first ran `yum groupupdate Base` to update the basic packages and then `yum upgrade` to update everything else.

That’s when the trouble hit.  In the instructions, after yum has finished, you’re supposed to install grub.  I forgot to do that and rebooted immediately after yum was done.  I was a bit confused when the machine never came back up, so earlier today I burned a CD and went into rescue mode.  Initially, I could not get grub-install to work. I’m not sure what finally fixed it, but after several reboots and much straw-grasping, I got it working.

So now my machine is happy.  I just need to get NetworkManager to stop killing my resolv.conf