April Opensource.com articles

Well, Opensource.com didn’t set any monthly traffic records this time around, but it was still another great month. I stepped up my contribution game this month, too:

OSCON speaker interviews

OSCON is rapidly approaching. Over at opensource.com, there’s a series of interviews with OSCON presenters. I interviewed Randi Harper of the Online Abuse Prevention Initiative, Stormy Peters from Cloud Foundry, and Bradley Kuhn of the Software Freedom Conservancy. Harper will be talking about using open source to tackle online abuse, a subject she has become all-too-familiar with in recent months. Peters is co-presenting with¬†Avni Khatri on the subject of growing a garden of community volunteers. Kuhn’s talk discusses an example of non-litigous GPL enforcement.

All of these talks sound very interesting, so if you’ll be in Portland next week, be sure to check them out.