Tropical Storm Hanna results

I got a call from my sister in eastern Virginia last night.  She was pretty disappointed with Hanna.  Southern Indiana has thunderstorms that are more intimidating, apparently.  The results of the Hanna contest have been posted to  The top score isn’t quite as good as for Gustav, but the worst scores are far better.  Well done, everyone.

I dread scoring the Ike results.  At least the Atlantic is stopping to catch its breath for a bit.

Hurricane Ike contest

The Atlantic’s rage continues.  With Hurricane Ike (currently a category 4!) churning toward the Bahamas, and eventually Florida, it’s time to open a game for him.  Submit your forecast at:

In Hanna news, it looks like I totally blew my forecast.  The good news is that she is no longer expected to regain hurricane strength.  That’s good news for the entire east coast, but especially my sister.  I’m very jealous that she gets to ride out a tropical storm before I do.  Just a few minutes ago, I sent her a list of last minute preparations.  Hopefully she’ll follow them.

Hurricane Hanna contest

The Hurricane Gustav game has barely been closed and we’re already opening Hurricane Hanna.  Fortunately, Hanna looks to be weaker than Gustav.  It will be a fun forecast, though, since the angle it approaches the coast at makes it very easy to miss the landfall location (and thus time) by large values.  Meanwhile, if you have suggestions on how to improve the scoring equation, post them here!

Contest link:

Hurricane Gustav update

Well Gustav is ashore now.  Fortunately, it is much weaker than Katrina was.  From watching TV news coverage, it appears the damage is much less than I expected.  The levees in New Orleans are still holding up, although the winds are splashing some water over the Industrial Canal.  We’ll see how things go over the next few hours as the rain and wind continues.

The Gustav contest has been scored.  The results are posted at

The focus now begins to shift to recently-promoted Hanna, and the newly developed TD 9 (likely to become Hurricane Ike in the next day or two).