Hurricane Gustav update

Well Gustav is ashore now.  Fortunately, it is much weaker than Katrina was.  From watching TV news coverage, it appears the damage is much less than I expected.  The levees in New Orleans are still holding up, although the winds are splashing some water over the Industrial Canal.  We’ll see how things go over the next few hours as the rain and wind continues.

The Gustav contest has been scored.  The results are posted at

The focus now begins to shift to recently-promoted Hanna, and the newly developed TD 9 (likely to become Hurricane Ike in the next day or two).

Hurricane Gustav

By this time tomorrow, the Gulf coast will be devastated.  Just over three years after Katrina scarred Louisiana and Mississippi, Hurricane Gustav is taking aim.  Fortunately, the city of New Orleans has learned a lesson:  a mandatory evacuation order is in place, and 700 busses are transporting people to inland shelters.  The news isn’t all rosy, though.  For New Orleans, at least, the situation could be even worse this time around.  If the eye comes ashore west of the city as predicted, the winds and storm surge could be worse than in Katrina.  The surge is forecast to be 18 feet or more, but the levees (which are not fully repaired) are designed to protect against a surge of 10 feet.  It is very likely that much of the rebuilding that has been done in southern Louisiana will be undone, and further damage will occur.

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