Beonard’s Losers — 2009, Week 4

This week’s show.

This time of the year can be a bit annoying.  Indiana fans seem to forget they have a lousy football team.  Granted, Purdue stinks on ice this year, but let’s look at IU. A game barely won against a 1-AA opponent, a game barely won by virtue of a lucky fumble recovery, and a game won against a team with a suspended starting quarterback.  As I told my mother-in-law earlier this week “let me know when you play a real team.”  IU fans, enjoy this now, and we’ll talk again in November.

Of course, the obnoxiousness of IU fans is magnified by the dismal performance of Purdue on Saturday.  That’s not intended to take anything away from Northern Illinois, they played a great game, but Purdue couldn’t be bothered to show up.  I mean, wow, what a really terrible game to watch.  It hurts all the more because it is the only game I missed in Week 3.  Perfect weeks are a bit hard to come by, and never seem to happen in conference play.

It is some consolation that I’m not the only one who didn’t have a perfect week.  Michigan State lost in South Bend for the first time in 16 years, Minnesota let California’s 4-game road slide come to an end, and USC had their annual inexplicable loss to an unranked team.

Beonard’s Losers, Week 3

This weeks show (with unshakable cold goodness)

A few big wins last week have shaken up the college football scene.  Who would have seen Houston upending top-5 Oklahoma State?  For the Big Ten conference, this week had several opportunities to regain some of the respect it used to have.  It didn’t go as well perhaps as commissioner Jim Delaney would have liked, but there were some good games.  Purdue nearly upset Oregon in Eugene, Michigan defeated Notre Dame, Indiana managed to not lose to Western Michigan, Iowa dismantled Iowa State (I thought that game would be much closer).  On the other hand, Ohio State lost to USC (but in a quality game that bodes well for the rest of the season), Wisconsin took two overtimes to beat Fresno State, and Michigan State lost to an underrated Central Michigan squad.

So while the Big Ten at least managed to avoid any big embarrassments, there’s still plenty of football to be played, including this week’s games.

Technical notes: recorded with a headset this weekend, the audio quality is way better.  But the show doesn’t sound that great, due to my cold. Which is also why it is being posted less than an hour before the first games kickoff.  Sorries.

Beonard’s Losers – week 1

Finally, college football season is upon us.  With the recent cool weather here in Hometown, Indiana, it feels long overdue.  I kinda lost interest toward the end of last season, what with my team losing a lot and there being other things that I need to do.  So it’s been a while since I’ve been in character.  I feel a little rusty.

Astute fans will notice that I left out Towson at Northwestern.  Although I normally cover all the Big Ten games, that one just seemed far too inconsequential.  Of course, if Towson wins, then I’ll feel like an idiot.  In exchange, though, I did do Oregon at Boise State and Alabama at Virginia Tech.  Both of those games should be eminently watchable.

It should be noted that has been shut down.  The domain name still exists, but it does not appear to point to an available host.  This is truly a sad occasion for me. I grew up listening the the Leonard’s Losers broadcasts, and I recall being quite upset when I missed one.  I didn’t watch much football, but the voice and the humorous descriptions of teams and stadiums always entertained me.  Now that the authentic Leonard is gone (indeed, the original Leonard died ten years ago), I feel I should carry on the legacy, even if poorly.

So with that being said, here’s the link to this week’s rundown.  The MP3 is also available from that page.

Beonard’s Losers

Despite the big upsets that took place last week, my record is still pretty good.  I guess that’s because I get to choose the games I do, and I have a tendency (not consciously, but it just works out this way) to end up picking easier games for the most part.  Oh well.  This week’s script is posted.  I hope to record it tomorrow night.

Beonard’s Losers

Now that the college football season is upon us, Funnel Fiasco will actually have regularly updated content.  This year, I’ve created a new subdomain to make the site even easier to get to: takes you straight to my weekly predictions of the ins and outs of college football.  This week has been pretty busy, but hopefully before the season gets too far gone, I’ll do some cleanup to the HTML so it will look prettier.  I might even make a few sketches in the GIMP so that there are pictures for you to look at.  Wowzers!