Other writing: September 2023

What have I been writing when I haven’t been writing here?

Stuff I wrote

Duck Alignment Academy

  • One approach to AI contributions — All communities will need an AI contribution policy at some point, and the Apache Software Foundation’s example is a good one to follow.
  • What are you optimizing? — If you start optimizing for a process and then discover you’re optimizing for the wrong thing, you’ve wasted time.
  • For companies, community should be “us” not “them” — Referring to the community as “them” as if there’s no overlap encourages treating company & community interests as separate, harming long-term sustainability.
  • New logo! — Almost two years after I meant to get around to it, Duck Alignment Academy has a logo.
  • Preparing for Hacktoberfest contributors — If your project is participating In Hacktoberfest, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for an influx of new contributors.


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