Buy autographed copies of my book for Flock to Fedora

Note: this commercial post was approved by the Fedora Council

If you’ll be attending Flock to Fedora — Fedora’s annual contributor conference — in Cork, Ireland this August then I want to sign a copy of Program Management for Open Source Projects for you. Use the online order form before 22 June (and use promo code FLOCK2023 for a $5 discount).

How does this work?

Once the order deadline passes, I’ll order books from directly from my publisher to be shipped from my house. I’ll sign them and send them to Matthew Miller, who will bring them to Flock and distribute them.

What if I thought I was going to Flock but can’t?

I’ll hold on to your book until I have another chance to get it to you.

What if I already bought a copy?

I appreciate it! The next time we’re in the same room, I’ll sign it for you.

Can I buy a copy on-site?

No. I’m only going to buy enough to fulfill the orders. But if you decide you want to get a copy later, you can order it from (US only) or Amazon (global) and the next time we’re in the same place, I’ll sign it for you. The Duck Alignment Academy newsletter will let you know when I’m going to be at a conference.

What if I don’t trust you to follow through once I send you the money?

Fair question! Buy your own copy and bring it to your conference (see the answer above). The reason I ask for payment up front is to prevent spam

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