Other writing in March 2017

Where have I been writing when I haven’t been writing here?

The Next Platform

I’m freelancing for The Next Platform as a contributing author. Here are the articles I wrote last month:

  • Solving HPC conflicts with containers – I finally understand the benefits that containers bring to HPC specifically.
  • Apache Kafka gives large-scale image processing a boost – Modern camera technology can produce images too large for a single machine to process in real time. This is where software solutions come in handy.
  • Peering through opaque HPC benchmarks – If Xzibit worked in the HPC field, he might be heard to say “I heard you like computers, so we modeled a computer with your computer so you can simulate your simulations.” But simulating the performance of HPC applications is more than just recursion for comedic effect, it provides a key mechanism for the study and prediction of application behavior under different scenarios.
  • Serving up serverless science – “Serverless” is a big deal in the general-purpose cloud, but can it work for scientific computing?
  • Increasing HPC utilization with meta-queues – HPC resources tend to favor very large jobs. One researcher found a way to get better treatment for small runs.


Over on Opensource.com, we had our 6th consecutive million-page-view month. This is getting to be old news. I wrote the articles below.

Also, the 2016 Open Source Yearbook is now available. You can get a free PDF download now or buy the print version at cost. Or you can do both!

Cycle Computing

Meanwhile, I wrote or edited a few things for work, too:

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