Assorted site updates, plus a newsletter

Have you noticed a cool new logo on Funnel Fiasco lately? Thanks to Susan at Sumy Designs, I have a professional-looking logo instead of the hot garbage I did in MS Paint 10 years ago. I’m pretty pleased by it. To celebrate, I’m also announcing my newsletter. Newsletter Fiasco is my attempt to be like all of my cool friends who have a newsletter. I’ll be sending out out once a week or so with links to stuff I’ve written, stuff I’ve liked, and some thoughts about whatever it is I’m thinking about.

In addition to the logo, there are a few other changes to the site:

4 thoughts on “Assorted site updates, plus a newsletter

  1. Hello, I would like to ask you about a link on your site supplied by “Amanda and Liam Graziade” purportedly on behalf of his interest in Amateur Radio and Scouting activities. I am currently webmistress for our ALARA (Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association) and I have received the exact same request, and having done some research, it appears that many other Ham Radio clubs and sites with weather links (like yours) have received a similar request recently, however research shows it to be a link to an online Home Improvement website with a very general article on Storm Spotting, with very little information, just a bunch of links to other websites, some links not even working. Once you click on the page for more info, the ads and requests to join up start coming in. So I wondered if you have personal knowledge of Amanda or Liam?
    I checked out the links because although there is a Storm Spotting service in Australia, it is as you can imagine, totally different from your system, and none of ‘Liam’s’ links would be relevant in this country, nor are they relevant to what is our organisation which is the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association. I am rather sceptical that ‘Liam’ is sending this email out to lots of Amateur Radio clubs just to boost the Home Improvement website footprint, as one article states that the company’s stocks took a plunge a few years ago and this could be a clever marketing campaign to get it back on track.
    Please let me know if you can provide any further information,

    Lyn Battle

  2. Lyn, I don’t have any personal knowledge of them. I get a lot of these requests, which I often ignore. I added this one because it is well-behaved and has some good links. It probably is a marketing campaign (although not very clever), but I don’t particularly care, so long as the resource is good.

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