My new year’s resolution

I’m not usually one for making resolutions for the coming year. I know myself well enough to know that my resolve will wane pretty quickly. (I may be lazy, but at least I admit it!) But for 2017, I have decided to make one resolution.

I resolve to read. 

Not to read more books, blogs, magazines, etc., though I would like to do that. My resolution involves what I share. 2016 had many lessons for us, one of which is that it’s far too easy to share something that reinforces our existing views, even if that something happens to be totally false. Or even if the article is factually correct, the headline could be way off.

So in 2017, I will not share articles that I have not read. No more sharing based on the headline or the opening paragraph. I can’t independently fact check every article I read, but I’ll do my best to validate claims that seem to wild – or too good – to be true.

Does this mean I won’t share as much? Almost certainly. But it also means that what I share will be higher quality. I’d like to think people read my writing and follow me on Twitter for quality information, not just my stunning good looks and fiery hot takes.

As you consider your 2017 resolutions, I urge you to please join me in adopting this one for your own.

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