Other writing in November 2016

Where have I been writing when I haven’t been writing here?

The Next Platform

I’m freelancing for The Next Platform as a contributing author. Much like my role with Opensource.com as a Community Moderator, I look at the other names on the list and I just say “wow! How did I end up in such good company?” The articles I wrote last month:

  • Advances in in situ processing tie to exascale targets — The growth in FLOPS is outpacing the growth in IOPS. Analyzing simulations as they run is becoming increasingly important for scientists and engineers.
  • Microsoft Research pens Quill for data intensive analysis — Collecting data is only useful to the extent that the data is analyzed. We have more data these days, but no platform that can handle both real-time streaming and post hoc analysis. The Quill project aims to change that.
  • JVM Boost shows warm Java is better than cold — The Java Virtual Machine allows “write once, run anywhere” but it imposes a performance penalty. For short-running jobs, the hit can be significant. The HotTub project speeds up these jobs (up to 30x in some cases!) by reusing JVM processes.


Over on Opensource.com, I agreed to coordinate the Doc Dish column. I also wrote the articles below. It was a great month for the site. Three times during November, we set a single-day page view record. We also crossed the million page view mark for the second consecutive month and the third time in site history.

Cycle Computing

Meanwhile, I wrote or edited a few things for work, too:

  • Scale in a Cloudy World — I contributed an article to HPC Source about how to scale cloud HPC environments.
  • Various ghost-written pieces. I’ll never tell which ones!

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