500 posts and counting

WordPress tells me that this post is the 500th one I’ve published. Interestingly, it’s also the 100th post in 2015. My first post was published in January 2008, so that means I’m averaging about 63 per year. Considering I was publishing three times a week for a while, that means there’s a pretty big lull in there somewhere. But I’ve been able to keep a pace of two posts per week pretty well this year; I’m hoping to sustain that into 2016 and beyond.

How do the posts break down?

Category Count
Musings 112
The Internet 104
FunnelFiasco 96
Weather 80
Project Management 42
Sports 41
Uncategorized 16
Mac 16
Web Design 9
Cooking 5

Of the 556 comments (more than one per article, yay?), eight had 10 or more. The most commented is my article about bad security on Speeddate.com, many of which were “please delete my Speeddate.com account”.

I didn’t do anything with page view stats until earlier this year, but since then my most viewed article is one about fixing a CUPS error¬†from April 2010, which still averages 3-5 views a day. 40% of my traffic comes on Tuesdays and 17% comes during the 8 PM (hour any day). Perhaps I need to adjust my posting schedule?

In any case, thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing on these 500 posts. I’m looking forward to the next 500.

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