When your HP PSC 1200 all-in-one won’t print

I don’t think I’ve made it any secret that I hate printing. It’s still an inescapable part of my life, though. Last week, I was printing some forms for an event my wife was running the following day. We had just purchased new ink, so of course that’s the idea time for the paper to completely stop feeding. Wheels sounded like they were turning, but the printer would not pull any paper in. If you find yourself in a similar situation, fear not! I can tell you how to fix it. The first step is to go visit HP’s video on how to clean the rollers and whatnot:


Still here? That must mean you followed the steps in the video to no avail. It’s time to take the printer apart. If your printer is still under warranty or you’re skittish about doing this, then stop right here. Before you do any steps in the video above or my description below, make sure the printer is unplugged.

The first step is to remove the four screws at the top of the printer (one in each corner). You’ll need either a #10 Torx screwdriver or an appropriately-sized Allen wrench (I think 1/16″). Once those screws are loosened, remove the upper body of the printer as shown below. Lift the majority of the body, not just the very top part, or else you’ll just remove the scanner plate. Don’t be too alarmed if the ink access door comes off.

Separating the printer body for removal.

Separating the body for removal.

As you lift the body, carefully remove the two ribbons (shown below) by pulling them directly toward you.

The two ribbons to remove.

The two ribbons to remove.

Give the white wheel on the left side a good shove inward. You may not feel it move, but this is the magic voodoo.

White wheel on the left of the paper roller.

Push really hard on this wheel.

Replace the ribbons by pushing them firmly back into their slots. Put the ink access door back in place and set the printer body atop the printer. Tighten the screws. Plug the printer in, turn it on, and “enjoy” printing once again.

9 thoughts on “When your HP PSC 1200 all-in-one won’t print

  1. Can’t believe this worked! Indeed the magic voodoo…I didn’t feel the wheel move, like you said, and figured this was a waste of time…It wasn’t, I am grateful for you taking the time to do this write up!

  2. Whoa! Saved $80 (discounted price) on a new printer and waste of $30 spare ink cartridge on my PSC 1200. Mister, you are a life and money saver. The white button is indeed a magic voodoo. Printer prints like right out of box. I might add, use the back of a screw drive and shove the white button as hard as you can. You might bend some parts, but that did it for me. Giving light pushes didn’t do it until I pushed it hard with the screwdriver.

  3. Well…I tried all these steps still to no avail. So…I literally hit the sides of the printer and it worked! I must have finally hit the magic voodoo button. Thanks for the tip! You just saved me money on a new printer!!

  4. No luck for me. The first time I pushed the ‘button’ it clicked softly like something dropping back into place… but that didn’t make a difference.

    Opened it again and put more pressure on the ‘button’ and tested things by manually turning the gear. Everything worked fine.

    Closed the printer, tested it and 2 pages pulled through and then nothing again.
    This makes me nuts, the wheels are clean and appropriately rubbery feeling. I can find no good reason for this issue.

  5. thanks so much!! I had tried everything else with no luck. This worked! Of course I had just purchased 2 new color and 3 black ink cartridges before it stopped. You just saved me a ton of money!!!!!

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  7. Beautiful. This and a YouTube video titled ” HP PSC 1210 Teardown – TechNERVER’s WAY !! ” helped me pinpoint what could help me fix this stupid lack of paper feed (which in turn could have been caused by a stubborn stupid person I know called myself, by trying to pull on a jammed paper by the front, instead of dismounting the back plate and taking it out that way -> DO NOT DO THIS! lol).

    Thank you su much for this post, and if it wasn’t your voodoo magic that fixed my problem, then it must’ve been the black magic of a hidden switch that checks whether there is or isn’t paper in the tray (it’s shown at 11:23 in the video I talked about before). Keep up the good work!

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