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The problem with having my first initial and last name as my email address is that I get a lot of email from other people. The other day, I started getting messages from Not wanting to keep Barry from true love, I looked for a support address. There wasn’t one, so I tried going to the site by clicking the link. Imagine my surprise when I had full access to Barry’s profile.

Since I was in a good mood, I didn’t pretend to be Barry. I simply deactivated his account so that maybe he’d notice. The next day, I got another email saying a woman was interested in me Barry. Once again, I clicked the link to take me to the site. This time, I unchecked all of the notification options and put in a unused email address. I was interested to see what I could do if I were a bad person, so I looked at Barry’s profile information. He didn’t have much filled out, but he had his date of birth and his ZIP code. From which, I could use an online phone book to find his address and phone number.

That’s plenty of information for a social engineering attack. Considering he couldn’t enter his email address correctly, I’m willing to bet that if I called pretending to be from his bank, library, local police, etc. that I could get even more information out of him. Identity theft city, folks. It’s lucky for Barry that I’m generally a nice guy. Though it’s not really Barry’s fault that is stupid enough to allow unauthenticated access to user settings. I’ve tried to contact and have not yet received a response, so I’m opting to shame them publicly.

But ladies, if you’re looking for Barry, he’s not here.

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  1. Speeddate
    I believe they are ripping money away from members. The system doesn’t respond to the options selected. It is so slow that the only way to describe it is: a total disaster.
    No way to get in touch with them. No phone number or any extra information to make a claim.
    I didn’t sign for a full year, but my credit card shows a full year charge. I believe the BBB or the governmet has to take care of the scam involving this company.
    Speeddate is anything but a respectable company.

  2. Speedate is a scam. No way to get in touch with them to make a claim. Charging extra money for the membership. A bunch of thieves.

  3. I recently sent an email to requesting them to suggest another way for me to pay. Maybe paying cash but they didn’t respond. I don’t use a credit card and paying cash may be the right way to prevent being conned also.

  4. I too notice in the fine print that you can call anytime and cancel, but there is no phone number anywhere on thier website. That’s why I never subscribed.

  5. i moneywas charged money for nothing i know about. can we get our money back or do we have to go futher to get this money back.there should be laws aganist this time of thing

  6. i,was charged for a 1 year sub and i hit the i month box , i could not find a way to contact them ,so i went to my bank and they told me there is nothing they could do with the matter. so i changed card # and i will have to stay on speed date for a year to get my $ worth , now speed is to the point where i can”t receive e mails or contact members , i have not been able to contact any one at s d , to fix the problem . i would advise everyone not to use s d , hgh,,

  7. I have never filled out or subscribed to The Speed Date site. The photo is off my Hotmail address and i was on face book and had some of the information there. A friend rang me and said . Do you know you are on the internet. I put my name on Google and up came my name on a speed date site. The only trouble is that its an old email address of about 20 years ago but a photo of 3 years ago. I to have tried to contact Speed date with no reply. I have tried everything. They have no contact details. I tried to get onto the site but there is a pass word to log on and i haven’t that password and can’t get on to try and cancel. I will keep trying avenues . I am quite angry about all this. I am single but would not use a speed dating service to find the woman that i would want to be with. If i ever hear the words speed date i will tell them of my experience. And its with Speed Date . Not a Woman. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr

  8. I guess for starters! SD charges me a year sub with out any notification ! I know shame on me for giving them my card#. Also my profile says what I’m looking for and I recieved fake sites with video porn site instead. Come on !!! why would I want to pay for porn ,when there are free sites to go to. Looking for a companion,not my next F buddy. I’ve tried to shut down my account,but no way to contact them.

  9. Same thing happened to me. Charged for a full year on my credit card. $160.06. (inlcudes $4.66 overseas TXN fee) when this link sprung up from Oasis Active site and I thought I had signed into THAT site. Next thing I know I am getting contacts every few minutes. At first I thought this was that site and it took me some days to realise it wasn’t. Then it was no longer there. These scammers deny they have anything to do with this site, and have now charged me a full year membership at supposed $155.40 to my Paypal account without me giving them any authority. (How did they get that?) Read the terms and conditions on the site and they give themselves the wherewithall to charge what they like and keep on cahrging, so don’t forget to notify them to CANCEL your membership. Well. I can almost remember to the day that my Paypal account had a ‘glitch’ and did not come up the same way it usually does. So did they hack Paypal, did Paypal falter? all I know is someone got my details from somewhere. Keep checking your bank and credit card statements I say.

    I have reported it to Office of Fair Trading, Qld under their SCAM tab who suggested that I do some further searching on internet and also they said to search the ASIC site for other comments and company registration. But for sure it is overseas. I am glad I found this site. In the meantime after complaining to Speeddate themselves, I did get a reply from Richard,Customer Loyalty Team, after emailing, trying to convince me I had requested this year membership, told me I had been sent an email confirming I had bought this (which I know I haven’t). On searching the history tab on My Paypal account shows no transaction on it. And I know also this it not legitimate because I keep email records of all Paypal transactions I carry out. IT IS A SCAM. Stop it on your credit card through your bank and let the bank carry out the investigations as to how this is happening.

  10. Pleas cancil my subscription with speeddate , I only wanted to try for one month and u still taking mint for one year . Pleas stop and reply to me confirming u stopped

  11. I TOO HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CANCEL THIS AWFUL SITE. I ONLY WANTED ONE MONTH. I WANT TO CANCEL AND CAN’T I will have my bank card changed. unless someone can advise me otherwise. i’ve been getting strange phone calls and elicit e-mails. this is too scarey

  12. time for Better Business Bureau…..can”\’t cancel.. Keep charging account considering its FREE tried for 1 month

    CROOKS!!! Time for Better Business Bureau… Tried for a month free…..Now every month takinf from checking account. Can’t get anyone on line… I will call bank to cancel tomorrow but will call Better Nusiness Bureau

  13. I met my honey on Speeddate almost three years ago. We’ve been happy ever since. Thanks, speeddate!

    could you kindly do me a favour.some one put my name on the speeddating google.while i am a pastor and a minister of the gospel.for some year now i have had many problems with churches and people of God.there if you cold kindly remove my name from speeddating and even the google.IF YOU TAP MY NAME ON GOOGLE .THE NAME IS : GANDA SEGUEDA:

  15. Please cancel my 99 cents for the month of august. I’m not interested in paying 99 cents in August. Cancel my 99 cents partial membership immediately effective July 31, 1914.

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