My baby will never know this

Every so often, a reporter or blogger will be out of ideas and write about the ways technology is changing everything we ever knew ever. Back in December, the Huffington post ran an article about things that have become obsolete this decade. Since my daughter has only been on this planet a couple of weeks, she knows nothing about anything listed in that article, but will she when she grows up?

I’m always amused by these sorts of articles. Predicting the future is hard, and it’s easy to declare something dead prematurely, as Netcraft can confirm. Of course, I’m a bit cheap always and old-fashioned sometimes, so maybe I’m not representative. Just because I don’t feel like replacing my working VHS tapes that doesn’t mean anyone else will hang on to theirs. It will be interesting to see what survives into my daughter’s early adulthood. I don’t think I’ll feel old, though, until I read the Beloit College mindset list for her class. That’s when I’ll realize how much the world around me has changed.

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