Comcast DNS problems

As of this evening, it looks like Comcast is having problems with a few of their DNS servers.  The servers in Chicago and Detroit are offline, rendering the Internet nigh-unusable for many of their customers in parts of the midwest.  I haven’t seen any official announcement, other than the red lights on the DNS status page, but I’ve heard a lot of complaints from people using their mobile phones to connect to the Internet.  If you’re one of the affected customers, you can change your DNS settings to use any combination of the following servers:

  • OpenDNS: and
  • Google: and
  • Level3: and

It’s interesting to me how different this is than it would have been a few years ago.  With the popularity of smart phones, many people have access that doesn’t rely on their ISP.  I’ve already provided support to several people on Twitter who are once again able to waste a Sunday evening surfing the web.  I wonder how much of a credit I’ll get on my bill.

Update, 10:29 PM: Engadget has a brief article up now.  Comcast has been providing updates via Twitter, but there’s currently no ETA for repair.

Update, 6:48 AM: Based on Twitter timestamps, it looks like Comcast engineers got things fixed around 2AM EST.  All of their servers are reporting OK.  I haven’t seen any explanation of what happened, but that will probably come later today.

8 thoughts on “Comcast DNS problems

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  2. I was able to connect to the internet with comcast for a split second and found this post, the page didn’t load properly (was getting 10 bytes lol so I had to view the source code and I grabbed the openDNS IP’s I didn’t have them copied on my PC which sucks but now I do and now I have no problems.

  3. Holy crap, bcotton has a blog? Awesome!

    I’ve had my house of 48 running on OpenDNS’ service for over a year now, so these not-so-rare hiccups are transparent to us.

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