A few site updates

In the past two days, I’ve made a few minor site updates.  They mostly revolve around removing dead links and otherwise making things tidy. I also removed the CSS element that made links go all caps when you hover over them.  It was a neat effect, but it messed with page rendering sometimes.

The more major change is that I’ve removed links to my ham radio pages.  Frankly, I’m just not that interested in the hobby of amateur radio anymore and I never had much content on there to begin with.  I won’t remove the pages, since I’ve got plenty of disk space available, but I am running low on subdomains, so I’ll be retiring kc9fyx.funnelfiasco.com later this month.

Take heart, though. I’m also working on adding a lot of content (that I hope will even be useful!).  I’m not quite ready to open the curtain yet, but I’m very excited.  More to come soon!

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