New recipe: veggie roll-up thingies

Since we recently spent a week being vegetarian, I had to stretch my repertoire a bit.  Vegetarian recipes are not something I have much experience with, so I had to wing it. Fortunately, my usual method of cooking involves staring at ingredients until something says “use me!” I present here the recipe that I used one night, which hasn’t received much refinement yet, so use at your own risk.

Veggie roll-up thingies

5 radishes
2-ish carrots
4oz cream cheese
6 leaves of Romaine lettuce
4 asparagus stalks
some dill

Cut the lettuce leaves in half lengthwise (you might just want to cut the …vein, spine, whatever… out so that you can roll it in a few minutes).  Chop the celery and radishes and mix them into the cream cheese. Add the dill and mix some more.  Cut the asparagus into 12 pieces.  Spread the cream cheese mixture on two-thirds of each lettuce leaf.  Place a piece of asparagus on the un-cheesed third of each leaf and roll toward the cheese.  When you’ve rolled all twelve, find three friends and have them join you in eating the roll-ups (or eat the roll-ups alone and miserable for four meals).

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