A change of scenery

A few months ago, I changed jobs.  The transition has been a little less smooth than I had expected.  In my old job, I was the only sysadmin and had become quite the expert on a small environment.  In my new job, I’m decidedly not an expert.  I was prepared for that, although I don’t think I was quite prepared for how much I didn’t know.  Still, the learning is happening, even if it’s not as quickly or in-depth as I like.

For me, the biggest change has been the environment in general.  It’s definitely a big shift to go from being on a team of one (though I did have a Windows person and several students working with me), to being on a team of 15.  I’m not really used to the idea of having people stop by my office without asking me to fix something, or to go plop down on a colleague’s couch when I’m trying to brainstorm a solution to a particularly tough problem.  In a few weeks when my group gets moved to a different building, I’ll be down the hall from our CIO, which will make for an even bigger change.

It’s been an exciting four months, but I hope I get settled in soon.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel Ben. When I was doing computer repairs it was just me, it meant I could do things how I wanted and still get the job done satisfactory.
    But now that I’m in a team of 35 doing telephone line network diagnostics etc, it makes a huge difference! But I still like it. 🙂

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