Beonard’s Losers — 2009, Week 12

This week’s predictions

Well, the college football season is beginning to wind down.  I was finally able to find a #3 Purdue basketball jersey yesterday, so I’ve pretty much shifted entirely away from football at this point, which is part of the reason I was again too lazy to record this week’s show.  But this afternoon is the Battle for the Old Oaken Bucket.  The Bucket game is one of the biggest sporting events in the state of Indiana, and frequently a cause for…discord between my wife and myself.  Silly IU fans.  This game also determines the quality of the Thanksgiving celebration with my in-laws…more specifically whether or not I can discuss the subject of football.  Fortunately, Purdue leads the series 69-38-6 and is 11-2 against IU since 1997.  Boiler up!

I’d also like to take a moment to re-compare to my stats to the sports writers at the local paper.  They also predict all the Big Ten games, but the number and selection of games from other conferences sometimes differ from mine.  But still, here we are:

  1. Beonard ( – 0.753
  2. Jeff Washburn (Journal & Courier) – 0.736
  3. Nathan Baird (Journal & Courier) – 0.709
  4. Mike Carmin (Journal & Courier) – 0.700
  5. Sam King (Journal & Courier) – 0.673

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