Beonard’s Losers — 2009, Week 8

This week’s predictions

I’m not very good at this, am I?  Halloween Party preparation (yes, I know it’s a week early, you’ll get over it) has kept me busy this week.  Next week I promise I’ll record the show, and maybe even have another blog post or two.

So let’s talk football.  Holy crap, did you know Purdue can actually play a full 60 minutes of football?  That hasn’t happened in a while, nor has a win against a ranked team.  Yay!  Also, I think Michigan State could pull off the upset against Iowa, but the past two weeks I’ve thought Iowa would lose and both times they’ve proved me wrong.  Maybe they’re a better team than I give them credit for?

In a manner similar to Iowa’s perennial owning of Penn State, I really wanted to pick BC over Notre Dame.  I just can’t see it happening this year, even though it would bring me much joy.

Aaaaand finally, TCU is undefeated, but they don’t have any wins against teams that I would call “good.”  BYU will get the upset, and I don’t even think it will be all that close.

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