Beonard’s Losers — 2009, Week 7

This week’s show (no recording this week, too busy with this)

I’m not even going to talk about Purdue football anymore.  As of this writing, we are just under 20 days from the start of basketball season.  I have to admit, though, it did warm my heart to see that IU lost so spectacularly.  I wasn’t as pleased with Michigan losing, although I’m normally not opposed to the idea.  I picked Iowa to be upset again this week, in the hopes that the Badgers will be a bit kinder to me.  I said earlier this season that Iowa isn’t as good as they seem to be, and I stand by that, although I’m quickly being made to look the fool.

On a happier note, I’ve discovered a Big Ten blog called “First and Big Ten“.  It’s been a great insight into the other teams around the conference, and a valuable reference when it comes time to write my Beonard’s Losers scripts.

One thought on “Beonard’s Losers — 2009, Week 7

  1. lol someone’s a little addicted to Shy Gypsy 😉
    I hear you’ve finished now? You suck I’m still stuck somewhere in the middle 🙁
    I also hear that Purdue actually won a game this week! That’s pretty.. wow! Hope you have some more luck next week (and forever after)!

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