This is what passes as humor

Since I don’t have time to write a real blog post, here’s a recent exchange on Twitter between my friend @orangeshirtguy and myself.  If you get the jokes, I feel sorry for you.

Me: I like using sed commands in IM and then berating people when they have no idea what I’m talking about.

OSG: @FunnelFiasco to them, it’s just a case of he sed, she sed.

Me: Quick. Someone give me a witty rejoinder using the word ‘awk’ RT @orangeshirtguy: to them, it’s just a case of he sed, she sed.

Me: Better late than never? @orangeshirtguy don’t you think that joke was a bit `awk`ward. Perhaps you should `tr`y harder next time?

OSG: A nano second too late. I don’t need to vi for attention, I’m leet to th emacs.

Me: @orangeshirtguy > /dev/null

OSG: @FunnelFiasco: Not just “@osg >/dev/null”. That’s *nix fail. Try “cat @osg > /dev/null”. Have to have the cat, ‘cos OSG’s a cool cat.

Me: @orangeshirtguy not fail. I gave you the ol chmod a+x because I want you to be executed.

OSG: @FunnelFiasco : I gnu you would get mvious.. You must get a grep on yourself…

Me: @orangeshirtguy You don’t need to be such a cranky Gnome. I think it’s time to put this thread on IceWM. Surely you can CDE that point?

OSG: This is more like it. Vim and vi.gore.

OSG: @funnelfiasco Listen to me, mac, OS I’ll have to bash you to illustrator my point, and you’ll be a shell of your former self.

Me: @orangeshirtguy quit trying to stall, man. You’re de Raadt and you know it. Maybe you should go grab your blanket like Linus.

OSG: @funnelfiasco niiiiiice -20! should we kill -9 this thread and GBTW? It could get troff if I spend the rest of the day doing this.

Me: @orangeshirtguy [509 bcotton devo ~ ]$ niiiiiice -20! -bash: niiiiiice: command not found

And then @johnjanitor had to cap it off with: @orangeshirtguy @funnelfiasco please don’t shutdown now, it is not the 2nd tuesday yet. continue or cancel?

1 thought on “This is what passes as humor

  1. *headdesk*

    I remember seeing that exchange take place. And thinking you must be speaking a different language.
    I was right.


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