New episode of OSMacTalk tonight

Mario Marathon’s most popular spin-off, OSMacTalk (“Oh-smack-talk”) streams a new episode live tonight at 7:30 PM EDT (2330 UTC).  Hosted on, OSMacTalk stars Mac Guy and Orange Shirt Guy.  The show is primarily an IRC-/Tweet-/Skype-in talk show with random stories and maybe some special guests thrown in along the way.  OSMacTalk provides absolutely no entertainment value at all, and it isn’t clear why people watch in the first place.  Come watch what the excitement isn’t all about tonight!

3 thoughts on “New episode of OSMacTalk tonight

  1. Of course it’s entertaining! It also proves that the internet can actually connect people to each other as friends. 😀
    Way to go, us. (Mostly you guys)

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