I’m Twitter-pated

A while back, I decided to register a Twitter account.  I had no intention of using it, but I figured since it’s free, I might as well squat on my domain name.  Last week, I was having some problems with the IRC chat for the Mario Marathon, so the only way I had to interact with the guys was to use my Twitter account.  So I did.  Then on Sunday and Monday, I was in front of the camera reading the tweets.  Much to my surprise, people began following my account.

“Listen, you guys, I’m not very exciting,” I’d protest.  It made no difference.  As of this writing, there are 200 people out there who feel the minutia of my life is worth following.  Since I’m a sucker for attention, I had no choice but to start actually using it.  OMG, I’m in love.

Twitter has allowed me to feel emotions that I never thought I could.  For example, on Wednesday Wil Wheaton was having problems with his iPod.  I felt so bad for him.  I mean, as a kid, I totally wanted to be Wesley Crusher, and here I am now watching him suffer through the misery that is a misbehaving electronic device.  Fortunately, some of the other hundreds of thousands of people who follow him were able to give him advice on how to fix it.  I am happy to say that Wil’s iPod now works.  Without Twitter, I’d never have been able to get on this roller coaster.

At first, the idea of microblogging seems rather silly.  But it can be a lot of fun, and it’s certainly easier to catch up on 30 tweets than it is to catch up on 30 full blog posts.  And tweets are more like a slow conversation than a lecture, which makes it easier to form e-bonds with people.

So I have to say that I’m rather fond of my followers, and I’ll try not to be too boring for them.  The hard part will be trying not to become addicted.  It may be too late already.

4 thoughts on “I’m Twitter-pated

  1. hey! i’m teh chick that told my bf to tell u ur hot hee hee. very nice peepers, mac guy. 😉

    slammy is my nick & my 1st and middle names are samantha megan. i was 24 on the 24th a couple of months ago and did i say i thought you are a hottie? well, you are!!! and ur interesting, too,so don’t beat yourself up too much about that. cody, my bf, is like that, as well.

    nice seeing u on teh internets and have we form an e-bond yet? *taps foot* i’m waiting… *crosses arms*

  2. I have to be overly modest, it’s part of my charm. I’m sure my Dearest could explain in great detail how much of a pain I am when I’m full of myself. It’s just hard being so awesome.

    As for turning 24 on the 24th, that’s pretty awesome. A friend of mine from high school had some fun numbers, too. She on 1/2/3 she turned 21.

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