What editor should I use?

There are many different holy wars to be fought in nerddom.  Star Wars vs Star Trek.  Windows vs Linux vs Mac vs Solaris vs BSD vs DOS 6.22.  Two of the most pointlessimportant happen to be Pirates vs Ninjas and vi vs Emacs.  Personally, I see myself more as a pirate than a ninja.  I’m obnoxious, I make myself known, and I like to drink.  As for editors, I was a Pico man for a long time.  In fact, on my Solaris hosts I still choose pico over vi (vim is my editor of choice on Linux and Mac, although I’ll admit freely that I only know a handful of the commands that make vi so powerful).

Needless to say, I suffered a bit of an identity crisis last week when I came upon a scientific discussion of the editors preferred by pirates and ninjas.  I guess I’m just a double-agent.  That’s pretty cool, too.

2 thoughts on “What editor should I use?

  1. When I was learning vi, I printed this out and hung it beside my monitor.

    Hardest two months of my life, switching from pico to vi. It actually got so bad that I mv’d pico to pico.orig and ln’d vi to pico so I had to use it.

  2. Matt, that’s the best vi cheat sheet I’ve ever seen! Thanks for passing it along, maybe tomorrow if I don’t have much work to do, I’ll just start doing vi drills. 🙂

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