Some FunnelFiasco updates

I know it doesn’t happen very often, but some FunnelFiasco updates got made today.  Most notably, I’ve updated the “About Ben” page.  I’ve also made a few minor changes here and there.  Over the coming months a few more changes will be made, mostly to streamline things.  As a matter of economics, I’ll be changing the hosting package I have.  The only real restriction is that I’ll have 10 subdomains instead of unlimited.  For the amount of content I have, that’s fine.  The wedding subdomain has been nixed, since it hasn’t been updated since I got married nearly a year and a half ago.  The kc9fyx subdomain will be nixed soon, once I make sure all of the links have been updated.  Not like htere’s any content there either. 🙂

I’m also pondering moving the blog to a platform like Blogger, since I never seem to get around to performing the WordPress upgrades.  Or maybe I’ll just do the install and future upgrades through Fantastico.  The fact that there’s not currently a way to move non-Blogger sites into Blogger makes it rather difficult.  We shall see.

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