Nugget Night update

Well, in my bleary state of half-awakenness, I’ve upged the Nugget Night website (  This was a fun one.  We got to meet a new employee and scare her away, and I got to meet challenges set before my.  One friend challenged me to eat a nugget for every point Purdue scored at the game.  Another challenged me to eat a nugget for every yard that Curtis Painter threw for.  The totals were 42 and 57.2, respectively.  When I hit 42, I just felt like going on, so I stopped at 58.  I think the gallon of Powerade (that may be hyperbole, but I was oh so very thirstsy) I had limited my ability to eat nuggets.

The next one will be 30 in a row.  That pretty much makes me the most awesome person ever.

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