Hurricane Gustav

By this time tomorrow, the Gulf coast will be devastated.  Just over three years after Katrina scarred Louisiana and Mississippi, Hurricane Gustav is taking aim.  Fortunately, the city of New Orleans has learned a lesson:  a mandatory evacuation order is in place, and 700 busses are transporting people to inland shelters.  The news isn’t all rosy, though.  For New Orleans, at least, the situation could be even worse this time around.  If the eye comes ashore west of the city as predicted, the winds and storm surge could be worse than in Katrina.  The surge is forecast to be 18 feet or more, but the levees (which are not fully repaired) are designed to protect against a surge of 10 feet.  It is very likely that much of the rebuilding that has been done in southern Louisiana will be undone, and further damage will occur.

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Hurricane Gustav forecast contest

It may only be at 45 mph right now, but Gustav will make a stab at the United States in the next few days.  So the tradition of taking random stabs at the forecast begins.  See the tropical weather page or go directly to the game at  Remember, the forecast is for the first mainland North American landfall.  Check back here to find out when the results are posted.  If you have suggestions on how the scoring should be done, leave a comment below.  Happy forecasting!

P.S.  If you’re reading this and you’ve never done something like this before, do it anyway.  One time, a Denny’s waitress won the snowfall contest.  You don’t have to be good to be lucky.

Beonard’s Losers

Now that the college football season is upon us, Funnel Fiasco will actually have regularly updated content.  This year, I’ve created a new subdomain to make the site even easier to get to: takes you straight to my weekly predictions of the ins and outs of college football.  This week has been pretty busy, but hopefully before the season gets too far gone, I’ll do some cleanup to the HTML so it will look prettier.  I might even make a few sketches in the GIMP so that there are pictures for you to look at.  Wowzers!

Nugget Night update, and why my website is weaksauce

Yesterday’s nuggets have been added to the site.  Before you berate me for my lack of eating prowess, please consider the fact that I had already eaten a party shortly before, and I had another party to attend afterward.  The streak remains intact, though, and that’s the important thing.  I also heard an amusing story from the fine manager Ryan.   Earlier that night, an elderly woman had come in and ordered 8 nuggets.  Except she pronounced it “noog-its”, much like the creamy inside of a 3 Musketeers bar.  I LOLed.

You may have noticed that the blog and the Nugget Night page are the only things getting updated lately.  There’s a reason for this:  I really don’t have much else in the way of content to add.  I haven’t been chasing in over two years (which kills me), and I’m too lazy to add other stuff.  I promise more will come in the future.  Heck, football season is only a few weeks away, and then you’ll get weekly updates of Beonard’s Losers.  So hang in there a little bit longer.  If I can get the site to a point where I feel comfortable with visitors actually coming, I’ll start trying to attract visitors, and then maybe it’ll just be a giant cycle of awesome.  Or not.