The mighty Wabash

When heavy rains fall on snow-covered ground, you can expect rivers to rise. And rise, the Wabash did. At Lafayette, the river crested at 24.31 feet — 12.31 feet above flood stage. When the river approaches that level, the Williamsburg Apartments offer a free swimming pool in all of the ground-level apartments. Much higher, and the Levee Plaza and Wabash Landing shopping centers start to offer valet parking for boats. I took a few pictures from the playground at the corner of Brown St and Tapawingo (yes, that’s really its name) Drive. When the pictures were taken, the crest was 2 hours away and the river was at 24.27 feet.

Click any of the pictures to embiggen.

Looking southeast toward the Governor Leslie Memorial Bridge:

A view to the southeast

The Riverside Skate Center takes on a whole new meaning:
The JTMPB is in the background

The trash can is for the use of boaters now:
And you can sit on the bench and get your feet wet!

Now you have a nice, soft landing when you get to the bottom of the slide:
It sure beats shards of glass

Wet Wednesday

Welcome to the first of what will likely be many a weather post. There’s not much to this one, you’ll get over it.

So you may be wondering what happens when you get a few inches of snow followed by temperatures in the upper 50s. I’ll tell you. You get thick fog. The visibility here is about 70 yards. The street sign is 190 feet away, according to Google Maps.
Looking up the street

The other neat thing you get is water not draining off your walk and into the ground. For example:
The puddle in the walkway
You can’t really tell from the photo, but the water is about 2″ deep at the deepest point.

Of course, you can’t let warm weather in February go to waste. The grill had to be pressed into service. Even if there was still snow on the deck.
Charring some animal flesh

Nugget Night update

I have returned from a three-hour visit to Chick-Fil-A and the Nugget Night website has been updated. CFA All-Star Matthew has suggested adding a message board to the page so that everyone can talk about how awesome I am. I am taking that suggested under consideration. If you have an opinion in that regard, then leave a comment here.

The Google chart looks a little better now that it has 3 data points, but I think it’ll look much better in another four of five months. Maybe next time, I’ll eat a few more or less so that it isn’t a straight line. The goal has been set at 53 so that way I’ll reach the 200 nugget mark. I ate my 100th nugget of the night tonight, but totally forgot to celebrate it. I’ll have to remedy that next time. The next trip may also involve a few pictures to put on the site. Or maybe I’ll grab the picture of my dino nugget off my phone and upload it.

For those of you who can’t wait two more weeks for the next Nugget Night, you can join the “NUGG NIGHT” group on Facebook: