Beonard's Losers

2007, Week 13

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Howdy, football fans. It is sweet football justice when the lowest-paid football coach beats the highest-paid coach. Nobody could have expected the Tide to roll over for Louisiana-Monroe, but this is 2007 where anything goes. In what other year would Kansas-Missouri be a deciding factor in the national championship? Well let's take a look at this week's games.

USC at Arizona State
Pete Carroll isn't used to being outside the top ten at the end of the season, but that's the reality for his Trojans as they roll into Tempe. The solar satans hope to feast on horse for Thanksgiving, but this meal won't come easy. Beonard's Loser, in a close one: USC

Arkansas at Louisiana State
Les Miles will be facing plenty of questions in the coming week about where he'll be coaching next year, but for the time being, he's completely focused on Baton Rouge. On Friday, his feral felines will play host to the sharp hogs from Arkansas. State fell out of the top spot once already this year, and they have no intention of doing it again - especially not in a rivalry game. Beonard's Loser: Arkansas

Boise State at Hawaii
When the Broncos gallop into Aloha Stadium on Friday, they're hoping to ride to a WAC title. Not only is the conference title on the line, but the winner of this game may earn themselves a spot in a BCS bowl. The Warriors have been fighting for respect all season, and a win over last year's Cinderella would go a long way for that. No matter what happens in the game, it is always nice to get a free trip to Hawaii, but the visitors will return to potatoland with more than just a lei. Beonard's Loser: Hawaii

Connecticut at West Virginia
Several folks who are knowledgeable about such things have picked West Virginia to play for a shot at the national title. When the Connecticut Fair Catchers come into Morgantown, they'll look to make those predicters as blue as the mountains. That's fine and dandy, but it will be the Huskies that end up with their tails between their legs. Beonard's Loser: Connecticut

Tennessee at Kentucky
In the rankings or out of the rankings? Kentucky hasn't been able to decide, but they'll come to a final position when they host the unpaid workers from Knoxville. The hometown kittens are 1-3 since upsetting LSU, and haven't beaten Tennesee since Reagan's first term. Beonard's Loser: Kentucky

Oregon at UCLA
A week ago, the Ducks looked to be flying toward the national championship. Now they're out of the hunt and missing their Heisman-candidate quaterback. The Bruins will be waiting for the crippled Ducks. A win in Pasedena would give the bears a shot at a bowl game, but this is a team that couldn't even beat Notre Dame. Beonard's Loser: UCLA

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma
If the Cowboys can win the shootout at the Norman corral, they're looking at a potential tie for the ownership of the Big Twelve South. Bob Stoops is 6-2 against his in-state rivals, and that record looks to improve on Saturday. Beonard's Loser: Oklahoma State

Notre Dame at Stanford
Could Charlie Weis have his prayers for a third win answered? This has certainly been a cursed season for the Pope's players, but they get to close it out with one of their weaker opponents of the season. The Cardinal might have upset USC, but that doesn't mean they're any good. Beonard's Loser, in a close one: Stanford

Cincinnati at Syracuse
Winning three of their four games against ranked opponents has been a big Bearcat boost, and they'll close the season against a Syracuse team that hasn't even won three games. This game is over before it even starts. Beonard's Loser: Syracuse

Missouri at Kansas
There have been plenty of big games this year, but the Border War may be the biggest of the year. Not only does this game have national title implications, but it is totally unexpected. The last time either of these teams played in January, we were still sending men to the moon. Both of these teams average over forty points per game, and allow considerably less. This game is hard to pick, so let's go with the "underdog". Beonard's Loser, in a close one: Kansas

Alabama at Auburn
Nick Saban is having a hard time justifying his paycheck this year. Last week, he lost to a coach who makes as much in a year as Saban does in a week. On Saturday, the Tide roll into Jordan-Hare to battle for the number two slot in the SEC West. The sadness in Sabanation will only increase, when the Tigers come out on top. Beonard's Loser, in a close one: Alabama

Okay, friends. I've gobbled up all the games I can stomach for this week. Tune in again next week when I'll have the end of the season losers for you.

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