Beonard's Losers

2006, Week 6

Howdy, football fans! We're coming into October, when the matchups get more exciting and the brisk air adds sting to defeats. The Big Ten's biggest moves into a cupcake schedule, but what the hey! Let's take a look at this weeks games anyway.

Penn State at Minnesota
Fresh off winning a catfight against Northwestern, Joe Pa leads his Nittany Kitties into the Metrodome to take on Glen Mason and the Golden Gophers. Both teams have been up and down this season and its hard to tell who will survive this four-legged frenzy. The gilded rodents are winless in the conference, but not after this weekend. Beonard's loser, in a close one: Penn State

Indiana at Illinois
At the beginning of the season, I would have said these were the worst two teams in the Big Ten. Terry Hoeppner's canal diggers may still be, but the Chambana chieftans surprised everyone with a win in East Lansing last week. Ron Zook's tribe is ready to take some more scalps and they'll be glad to have some crimson hanging from their belts. Beonard's loser: Indiana

Northwestern at Wisconsin
The cheese-fed rodents return home after taking apart the Hoosiers last weekend. Now they'll have to prepare for the purple kitties from Evanston. The felines haven't been very ferocious in what has been an emotionally charged season for them. Look for them to get loss number 3 in as many road games. Beonard's loser: Northwestern

Michigan State at Michigan
After embarassing losses in the past two weeks, John L. Smith would rather go just about anywhere other than Ann Arbor. Lloyd Carr still holds hopes of leading his Wolverines to the Big Ten title. Don't count on him letting a bunch of mediocre players from the other side of the state get in the way of that. Beonard's loser: Michigan State

Purdue at Iowa
Boy did Iowa look awful last week. They had more of Jim Tressel's nuts than they could handle. This week, Joe Tiller's locomotive steams into town. Despite losing last week, they played one heckuva game up in the Indiana Vatican. Iowa is down, Purdue is up and for the second week in a row, the Hawkeyes get plucked at home. Beonard's loser, in an upset: Iowa

Bowling Green at Ohio State
The hardest thing the Buckeyes will have to deal with this month is remembering to play football against the cupcakes they'll face. This weekend will be no different. Beonard's loser, in a total blowout: Bowling Green

Well, folks, that's all the smart pill machine has for us this week. Time for a nap. Enjoy the games!

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