Beonard's Losers

2006, Week 11

Howdy, football fans!  Either I'm getting better or the games are getting less dramatic.  Can I make this my fourth 5-win week in a row?  The Smart Pill machine is gassed up and ready to go, so let's have a look at this week's games.

Purdue at Illinois
Ron Zook's tribe only has two scalps to show for the work they've put in their season, but they've played some fine games.  You can be sure they'll have their tomahawks sharp as can be when Joe Tiller brings his West Lafayette locomotive into town.  The Boilermakers have been less-than-stellar on the road and they'll find that Champaign is a place that knows how to derail opponents.  Beonard's loser, in an upset: Purdue

Northwestern at Ohio State
The purple kitties plucked some feathers at Kinnick Stadium last weekend, and they'll look to strip the bark off Jim Tressel's trees.  If the Buckeyes are going to lose a game unexpectedly, it'll be this one.  The Columbus tree farm is focused on next week's big matchup, but by the end of the first quarter the Buckeyes will be 100% in Evanston.   Beonard's loser: Northwestern

Minnesota at Michigan State
Don't tell your local radio host, but Michigan State hasn't been impressive since the first half of their game against Notre Dame.  With John L. Smith on his way out as the chief Spartan, there's a lot of confusion in camp.  Glenn Mason's job isn't exactly cushy right now, but his gilded rodents are riding high after trouncing Indiana last weekend.  John L. Smith has nothing to lose, except this game and the next. Beonard's loser: Michigan State

Wisconsin at Iowa
At one point, the Hawkeyes were flying high at the top of the Big Televen.  But after losses to teams like Indiana and Northwestern, they're hoping to just salvage a respectable season -- and having made ESPN's Bottom Ten, that doesn't look too likely.  Bret Bielema's squad is facing the last conference opponent of the year.  With a win this weekend, they end up tied for second at worst, and in a three-way tie for first at best.  Badgers are fierce critters and the clipped-wing home birds won't have any fight left.   Beonard's loser: Iowa

Michigan at Indiana
The Wolverines had a close call against Ball State last weekend, and they'll have to keep focused when they travel into Bloomington on Saturday.  Hoeppner's hotshots are only 40% successful defending the rock this season, and they'll need every bit of talent they can muster.  Lloyd Carr's gotta be sick of seing The Ohio State University ahead of his squad in the polls, and you can be sure he won't let a team like Indiana derail his quest for a conference title. Beonard's loser: Indiana

Temple at Penn State
It's a rare day to see the Nittany felines play without the king of the jungle.  After getting clobbered on the sidelines during last week's game against Wisconsin, Joe Pa will have to sit this one out.  Lucky for him, his kitties will be taking on the Temple Owls, who shocked everyone earlier this year by getting a win -- their first in a while.  Beonard's loser: Temple

Well, folks, that's all the Smart Pill Machine has for us this week. Time for some cider. Enjoy the games!

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